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by the NewsNite. Webmaster on February 17, 2012


This week Phil Trexler, Jody Miller, and Ed Esposito join Eric Mansfield.

Summit County Sheriff Drew Alexander wants to keep violently mentally ill offenders out of the county jail. The panel discusses the pros and cons of this decision and who will be affected by the fallout.

Tyree Feaster, who confessed to involuntary manslaughter of ShawRica Lester in The Cage nightclub shooting, has been released on a technicality. The panel’s discussion is here on NewsNite.net.

University of Akron has commissioned a study to look into constructing an arena downtown. Is this connected to the recent hiring of Jim Tressel, or the last piece of Don Plusquellic’s legacy?

Akron Public Schools has announced a proposal to close three elementary schools at the end of the school year. Budget shortfalls, failed levies, and a declining population have stressed the school system to the point that big moves are being considered. The panel finishes the discussion here on NewsNite.net.

For our last segment, Angela Presutti, Director of Young Professionals of Akron, joins Eric to discuss ‘brain drain’ in the Akron area. The Young Professionals initiative strives to create a greater attachment to the area within their community in order to slow or reverse that drain.

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